Gift Ideas for Men

jootemplate gift's for men

When searching for an ideal gift for men, most people welcome any suggestions as thinking of something appropriate, practical and perhaps unique is often difficult. Now however, at the official website for the company Bullets2Bandages, there are more than just gift ideas, there are also the actual gifts. Known as groomsmen gift ideas these are a range of gifts that has been designed specifically with men in mind and in particular a best man at a wedding. These gifts all meet the criteria you will be looking for as they are appropriate, practical and because of the personalized engraving which is included, unique.

Each gift idea is centered around a piece of military ammunition and in many cases actual used military ammunition is in fact used, such as with the 50mm cartridge bottle openers or the 0.50 caliber coasters. Other gifts which may not actually be made from used munitions are designed to look as if they have been and this gives all the gifts a unique feature that is appealing to most men. Originally, as the gifts were designed for men, the gifts only came in manly colours such as OD green, black or silver but, due to requests from women, they now make some of the items in pink, more suitable appealing to a woman.

The unique design of these gifts often cause them to become talking pieces whenever they are used and as they are all practical, that may well be often. The fact that these gifts can all be personalized also means that they can act as reminders of the event on which they were given, perhaps engraved with the best man’s name, date and the words “Best Man”. They could of course also be engraved with something else such as a man’s name and happy father’s day as they also make great gifts for fathers and any man on any occasion.

Bullets2Bandages was an idea that came to two veterans after they left the military having served time working with military ammunition as explosives ordinance officers. Their knowledge of military ammunition and how it can look inspired their designs which have become very popular since first being introduced in 2011. As veterans, the two founders obviously have respect for any veteran or serviceman that may still be serving and so thought about any way they could help fellow vets. What they decided on was that they would donate a portion of their profits to different veteran’s organizations and charities which would not only help veterans but would also offer a chance for others to help them as well. Some bars and clubs which host veterans as their regulars therefore thought it would be a good gesture if they had some of these items which they could use in their bars. To meet those demands the company designed new items such as beer trays, beer pump handles and pint glasses, items which were more appropriate for bar use and yet could still be personalized, this time though perhaps with the name of the bar or club.