Floor Aids

jootemplate furniture felt pads

As our floors are prone to scratches or other types of damage, we need all the help we can get in protecting it. There is today an additional way we can protect our floors and that is by placing felt padson the feet of our furniture as it is often the furniture that scratches the floor whilst it is being moved.

Although regular pads made from normal felt would soon get frizzy and start to break up serving very little purpose, Furniture Buffers have been especially designed using super compressed felt, to be durable and able to withstand being placed on the feet of furniture, lasting regardless of the number of times we may move that piece of furniture.

These Furniture Buffers are available in packs of various sizes to ensure you can get pads an appropriate size for your furniture’s feet but if those feet vary in size, you can also get a variety pack of buffers which should contain pads of sizes suitable for all your furniture items.

AS these pads are made from super compressed felt, they do not frizzle easily but as they are still made of felt; neither do they cause any type of damage to flooring, including hard wood flooring or linoleum coverings. With these Furniture Buffers attached to their feet, furniture can easily be slid across the floor making it a snap to move whenever we want it moved, either whilst moving home or just for cleaning purposes. Now, with these furniture buffers, moving furniture no longer needs to be a two person operation as one person can easily slide furniture around on their own.

As these are such a good idea and work so well, many people have started to attach the buffers to their ornaments as well, so that the ornament does not scratch a table as it is being moved across it however, as the buffers were designed for use with furniture, they are often too large to be readily used under ornaments but if this is the case, the buffers can easily be snipped to size using no more than a pair of ordinary scissors.

As for attaching the pads to furniture feet or the underside of ornaments; nothing could be easier as one side of the pads already has glue in place and so all that is needed to do is remove the cover from the glue and then set the pad in place.

The pads and the glue are both strong enough that the makers provide a lifetime guarantee for their products which means that once you put these furniture buffers in place, you can just leave them there and forget about them, just enjoy the convenience they afford you. Previous buyers have found that these buffers have additional uses and one of the more popular uses they are put to is being placed under laptops. Laptops can often get overheated as air cannot pass under them but by raising the laptop by placing buffers underneath them, the laptop can stay cooler.