Coffee Favourites

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Lattes, cappuccinos and espressos seem to be the most popular cups of coffee in coffee houses but perhaps that is only because most people do not know that you can now buy a bean-to-cup coffee maker that allows you to make these types of coffee, and others, in the comfort and warmth of your own house. As these particular types of coffee require milk, the bean-to-cup coffee machine required to make them, must have a milk adder included but, for those that buy machines without a milk adder, there are attachments that can be bought to enable any of the bean-to-cup coffee machines to make them. It is possible to find out more about these bean-to-cup coffee machines at websites like the one administered by Black Hearts Coffee.

In brief though, these machines are fed the coffee beans of your choice and then you select the relevant settings for the type of coffee you want and the machine does the rest, producing a cup of coffee to your explicit instructions. Once you have selected all the settings for your favourite cup of coffee, many of these machines have a profile which allows you to save them, ensuring that every cup of coffee you make under that profile, will always taste the same. Considering that the bean-to-cup coffee machines have all these features, they are ideal for those people that like their coffee made in a special way and allows them to enjoy that coffee at home instead of having to go out to the nearest specialty coffee house.

Once you have found that you can make the type of coffee you prefer at home, you will probably want to experiment to find out which coffee beans you think provide the best flavor. This experiment however, can be a long one as there now hundreds of different coffees grown all around the world and include over 50 countries that grow coffee beans for export. To reduce the amount of time you could take experimenting, you can look on the internet where a group of coffee connoisseurs have listed their findings as to which are the best tasting coffee beans in the world which means, although you may not agree with all their findings, at least in their top ten will be one that you would like to use for your coffee.

Coffee beans are affected by the conditions under which they are grown and so not only can coffee beans taste different from different countries, beans grown in the same country can taste different if one is grown in the highlands of that country whilst the others are grown in the lowlands. Traditionally, beans grown in the highlands have been thought to be the most flavourful but with recent improvements to growing techniques, some lowland coffee beans are now thought to be as good as ones grown in the highlands. This means that once you find the beans you prefer; ensure you get the same beans again, not just ones from the same country.